WHY G6 Coaching instead of traditional Counseling?

G6 Family Coaching is an alternative to traditional therapy and counseling practices.

Coaching is direct and instructive. It moves forward. Doesn’t focus on the past. Past behaviors have led to current dysfunction and challenges.

Bottom line: New approaches will lead to new results.

A sports coach doesn’t wait for the athlete to keep throwing or swinging until it “feels right”. They look at the swing, see the errors and work to help the athlete correct it.

They don’t spend hours figuring out how the bad swing developed or watching the bad swing over and over again. They see a problem, identify how to correct it and create a plan of action.

The goal is short term. Get in. Get out. Get it done.

Athletes and golfers and tennis players, etc. often hire a coach to “clean up their game” and improve their technique. This has proven to be a worthy investment for many.

Working with a family coach can do the same. Sometimes, it only takes one or two visits to “clean up your game” as a parent or a child and as a whole family.

The reason we hire coaches is because of their skill and critical eye’s ability to recognize where the form is breaking down.

As a family coach, it is my job to find and recognize the breakdown in the family/parenting and offer tools to fix it. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy process. Sometimes a few minor corrections and tweaks can bring you to a whole new level.

Family coaching isn’t for families who are completely falling apart. It is also for families who want and crave a “higher level” experience with their children. Things may be good but there are areas that could be better.

This short-term investment in your family will never be a waste of time or money. Family is the most important investment you could make.

Make your family a G6 family.


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