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Anxiety Management

Anxiety can cause disruption to school attendance, poor grades, school refusal, separation anxiety, learning problems and inattention, home stress, bedtime struggles, morning battles and  physical symptoms/sickness.

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Family Coaching & Wellness

Like a body, general family health begins with a strong core. G6 family consulting can help guide the family in strengthening areas that need improvement.

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The G6 Flip

Learning how to breathe, pace the movements and develop strong mental attitudes are key components to G6 success.

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Introducing G6 Family Coaching

     Anxiety Management ~Parenting Coaching Services

                                  ~ Personal Trainer~

Anxiety in a family member can wreak havoc on family life, work, school and social life for all family members.  Oftentimes, recalling days of peaceful existence seems to be buried in the past.  Family stress and anxiety causes significant disruption and harm not only to the struggling individual but to the whole family unit.  The anxiety battle can be a vicious cycle that feels impossible to break but it isn’t!

Learning how to manage and reduce symptoms as quickly as possible with the goal of short term intervention that promises long-term change is the mission of G6 Family Coaching.

G6 Fit combines mind-body-soul fitness training, along with family coaching and anxiety management for a power-packed approach to overcoming social-emotional struggles in young people.  Training an individual to recognize the existence and the importance of all three areas  of their lives and teaching them to learn how to strengthen their core in all three areas is the key to holistic wellness.

WHY G6 Coaching instead of traditional counseling?

G6 Family Coaching is an alternative to traditional therapy and counseling practices. G6 provides parenting coaching and life-changing skills to manage anxiety

Many families come to G6 with tales of frustration and lack of progress.  Coaching is direct and instructive. It moves forward. Doesn’t focus on the past. Past behaviors have led to current dysfunction and challenges.  A diagnosis was given, but there has been no effective treatment.  Many times, the diagnosis isn’t even accurate.  If your child and family have not seen improvement and things are worsening, it’s time for a new approach.

The bottom line is:  new mindsets and solid strategies will lead to new results.

A sports coach doesn’t wait for the athlete to keep throwing or swinging until it “feels right”. They look at the swing, see the errors and work to help the athlete correct it.  They don’t spend hours figuring out how the bad swing developed or watching the bad swing over and over again. They see a problem, identify how to correct it and create a plan of action. The goal is short term. Get in. Get it done. Get out.

Athletes from all sports, often hire a coach to “clean up their game” and improve their technique, offering a fresh set of eyes to help improve their style of play and increase their overall  strength and conditioning.  This has proven to be a worthy investment for many athletes who truly want to take their skills to the next level.

Working with a family coach can do the same. Sometimes, a family system needs a little plumbing.  Family Coaching may only require  one or two visits to “clean up your game” as a parent or a child and as a whole family. It is not always a long-term investment, but it is a permanent gain awarding  increased peace in the home and in the mind body and soul of the entire family.  And once you are connected with G6 Coaching, the support and services are there when you need them.  Schedule a “tune up” or check in when things aren’t running right, but don’t wait until things get worse.  If you are reading this, you are struggling and seeking help.  You found this page for a reason, so follow your heart and contact G6 and get some help now.