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Anxiety Management

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, they are immersed in training and education about what diabetes is and how it impacts their body. Learning to understand diabetes, the terms, the function of the body and the proper treatment and response to specific symptoms is key to a healthy existence and lifestyle.

Anxiety should be no different. Unfortunately, parents often spend a lot of time and money to figure out what is going on with their child and oftentimes, they are given a diagnosis of anxiety, with no specific guidance, training or direction on what to do about it. G6 Family Coaching helps with all too often neglected but critical educational and training aspect of dealing with anxiety.

Children diagnosed with anything, need to be immersed in education about it so they can learn what it is, how it operates and how to manage it. There are specific things that a diabetic could do that would harm their bodies and cause the diabetes to be out of control, putting them in a very dangerous condition. Likewise, anxiety, if not treated properly, can spin out of control to a point where the child (or adult) has gone from moderate to severe. Severe anxiety can cause physical symptoms, illness, depression and can lead to a lifetime of struggle and unhappiness. Sadly, anxiety is often not identified and not treated properly.

Like diabetes, there are behaviors and habits that make symptoms better and behaviors that make symptoms worse, but the problem is, most parents and their children are not aware of what those behaviors are, so the anxiety is being fed unknowingly and as it is fed, it strengthens. Anxiety that is growing stronger, creates a child that gets weaker and that is why throughout the years, I hear lots of comments like, “He’s not the same child anymore” or “She lost her spark.”

As an anxiety specialist, not only do I understand the ins and outs of anxiety through experience and training but I have also suffered from anxiety personally and I know first hand how debilitating it is. I also learned to recognize it, change my behaviors and mindsets and dig myself out of a deep hole.

It has been well over twenty years since my bout with anxiety. I have been in the trenches and want to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with children and families.