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What is the unique G6 Family Coaching approach to anxiety management?

As I have been able to support countless children and families successfully within the school setting as a school psychologist, it has always been challenging to provide a reliable referral source for parents to turn to on the “outside”.  I am often asked for recommendations and often fall short in feeling confident I am making a good referral.

Having directly witnessed anxiety rates rising among school-aged children and hitting them at a younger and younger age, I have finally decided to make it my mission to
provide the best support and effective methods to eliminate the struggles children and their families are faced with through the unique coaching that G6 provides.

After seeing consistent success in small doses of clinical support within the school setting, my belief is that by freeing myself from the constraints of traditional educational institutions, I can work more freely and directly with families and help support them as they tackle roadblocks that they will experience along the way.

From educational advocacy to parent consultation and direct child coaching specific to dealing with their social-emotional struggles, the goal of G6 Fit is to deliver a full package of support and wrap the child and family in confidence and success.

Let G6 be your Anxiety Guide

If you were to go white water rafting, you would want not only an educated and knowledgeable guide, but a guide who has successfully run the “gauntlet” themselves. Well, I have expertise, background and personal experience with the “gauntlet of anxiety”. I have not only run it myself, but also with three of my children. Anxiety will always try to find ways to creep back into life but the key to success is to learn the tricks and skills to keep it manageable and stay in control and arrive at calm waters.

Education and training is key in battling anxiety and it IS a battle! G6 Family Coaching works hard to develop a “warrior not worrier” mentality. Building on education and learned skills and carrying over small fitness victories into mental strengthening is the key to G6 Family Coaching success.

The link between anxiety and fitness

Lack of physical activity and fitness has also become an epidemic and it is not only causing physical symptoms but also has a dulling mental impact. Many children are not able to sustain mental stamina anymore. Mental and physical fatigue are more common and occur very quickly. This can create a breeding ground for mental illness and particularly, anxiety.

In my own practice as a school psychologist, anxiety has become the front-runner of crippling conditions that is causing severe disruption in children’s lives and their families.

Combining my personal experiences of raising 5 children, one of whom has significant disabilities, with over 30 years of experience with working with children and families, and a unique style of personal fitness training has meshed seamlessly to provide a highly effective and holistic approach to managing the social-emotional challenges of children, particularly children suffering from anxiety.

As a practicing school psychologist, I often heard from parents that their children have been in counseling for years…this is ineffective. Behaviors are being shaped and ingrained. If the anxiety is still rampant, it is because it is being fed and the source needs to be discovered and eliminated.

Who is G6 for?

?Is your child struggling with school attendance? Stress? Depression? Failing grades? Have you begun to feel like the child you “once knew” has been swallowed up by anxiety, anger or depression? Let G6 help your child and your family find health and peace once again. Have you spent hours and visits with doctors, psychologists, counselors and keep ending up in the same place or worse?

If anxiety is crippling your child or your family, and you have hit dead end after dead end, then G6 may be the answer to your prayer.

  • Parents of young children who need help navigating through early signs of anxiety.
  • Middle school through high school aged students who would benefit from direct education and coaching about their social-emotional health.
  • Families who have been directly affected by the struggling emotional health of a family member or the breakdown of the family core.
  • Previously failed interventions (i.e.; medication, counseling, diagnostics)

The G6 goal is to Teach, Strengthen and Release

  • Teaching and educating with information and methods that are measurable, realistic and goal driven.
  • Empower and strengthen children and families to manage their own lives effectively.
  • Release clients from my services with stronger, healthier and self-sustaining skills for living life at the fullest.

G6 Family Coaching takes clients in at G1 or G2 and coaches them right to G6, where they can manage themselves, make healthier choices and keep themselves on the G6 track for life.

Whether you need one or two-time consultation and guidance for your current home life, parent-child interactions, and discipline…or you would like your child to receive direct social-emotional coaching combined with fitness training, G6 Family Coaching can recommend a plan of action to help stop the spiraling and bring your child and family back to a state of health and happiness.

  • Anxiety is usually systemic and is often maintained unknowingly and indirectly by parents who are trying desperately to help their suffering child. At G6 Fit, the goal is to help parents to recognize the reinforcers of anxiety (or depression and behavioral challenges) and replace them with healthy, proactive solutions to
    help promote growth, confidence and ultimately regain control and overall happiness.
  • G6 combines personal fitness training with a psychologically-based approach to overcoming the mental obstacles that stand in the way of a child’s optimal health and success.

Families often don’t know where to turn when they encounter struggles with their most precious commodity: their children. Working in the field of psychology since 1996, I

have often been the first line of defense for parents and guardians who are at a loss for how to help their struggling child.

The G6 Fix provides anxiety education for the family as well as the child along with compassionate guidance and continued consultation for how to effectively manage life at home along with assistance in ensuring proper support carries over at school.

The G6 Family Coaching model is “treat and release”

Life is too short. Time is too precious.

Family is the BEST investment of all time!

“No man has the right to be amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”